Watch: Bride sets her Pani Puri priorities directly; Funny viral video wins the internet


Of all the street food in India, pani puri is without a doubt one of the most popular! Pani puri enjoys a following of fans like no other; it is the only street food that is loved by old and young. The crispy puri, stuffed with a masaledaar filling and this khatta-meetha pani has the power to make us salivate at any time. And you better believe that pani puri lovers will go all the way to enjoy their favorite street snack. An Instagram video recently went viral and all pani puri lovers will be more than happy to know why. The video is from a wedding venue; the bride and groom can be seen waiting for a taste of the delicious pani puri, but what the bride does next will leave you spot on!

The video was shared by the bride herself, @imahimaagarwal is a travel and fashion influencer and shared this clip from her wedding which is now going viral on social media. As the bride reaches out for a piece of this delicious pani puri, she is served att ka puri. She quickly turns to her husband and says “yeh att ka hai, yeh mujhe nahi chhaiye” (it’s made of atta, I don’t want that) and waits for her husband to take it from her hands. Her friends and family burst out laughing and the bride can also be seen laughing adorably. But all’s well that ends well. This passionate pani puri bride gets her favorite snack in a while and can be seen gulping it down at the end of the video. The bride captioned the video “no one told @shreashth about my # passion4paanipuri”. Watch it here:

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The video has received around 837,000 views, 20.2,000 likes, 24 comments and the numbers are growing rapidly with every passing minute. People who know the bride personally have left comments like “So Mahima” and “Yaar yeh best video hai” (This is the best video).

Other viewers seem to understand the bride’s love for pani puri; a comment read “Jo pani puri khaata hai ussey hi pata hoga what she said” (Only people who have Pani puri will understand what she said).

We fully support the # passion4paanipuri of the bride; And you? Let us know in the comments below.

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