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The JoBlo YouTube Network has been a huge success since we moved there in 2011, with over 6 billion views through our 11 channels… and growing! We want to continue this growth and success with your to help. We are looking for a strong Video Editor (s) to join our team on the JOBLO VIDEOS YouTube channel (as well as its sister horror channel JOBLO HORROR VIDEOS), both of which are booming. More specifically, we are looking for an editor to join the team of two new shows which we are very excited about, namely FACE STOPPED (for our JOBLO VIDEOS and JOBLO HORROR VIDEOS channels) and the next REVISITED ANIMATED FILMS series. We have already released a few episodes of FACE OFF, but we have a vacancy in the ranks because one of our writers has just been hired by Disney!

THEMES Topics would be assigned to you and scripts and narration provided. For JoBlo Face Off, you’ll need to follow the show’s set formula. You must be a somewhat experienced editor. See examples here.
LENGTH: 12-18 MIN on average

We already have several “video shows” underway, including WTF HAPPENED TO THIS FILM, THE BEST MOVIE YOU’VE EVER SEEN, VERY GOOD FILMS, SYLVESTER STALLONE REVISITED, JAMES BOND REVISITED, WTF HAPPENED TO THIS CELEBRITY, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, FANTASY ABOUT FANTASTIC MOVIES, and more. Once you have joined our team, you are immediately considered for other fairs if positions become available (and if you are interested). We often promote from the inside out (in fact, that’s our preference). We’re also open to accepting new pitches for the shows, but right now we’re more inclined to hire someone who is capable of writing, editing, and telling their own series, so go for it!


  • You have to be able to meet the deadlines. We have a monthly schedule of original videos ready to go, so everyone should be able to make their own on time. Consistency is the key! If you can’t get things done on time, don’t bother applying.
  • You should be able to edit videos professionally and in high quality. If you are able to create graphics on the screen, that’s a plus!
  • While we can guide you in the right direction when it comes to finding video clips for your videos, it would be ideal if you could find some high quality video clips on your own.

In return, you will see your work appear in front of millions of people on our popular youtube channel and our website, get paid on a quarterly basis by video created for us and be part of the growing family and all the future opportunities that come with it.


If you are interested, email us a basic outline of why you are qualified for this, Iincluding links to your previous work. We are quite open here. We just want to see that you are capable of a HIGH QUALITY job (it must really look professional). Write to us at: [email protected].

Here are two recent examples of JoBlo Face Off videos. If you think you can follow this formula, apply! For revisited animated films, we would present you with a completed script that you can turn into an episode (we will guide you).

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