The 15 best weekend deals: games, storage and an escoot


It’s time to start shopping for those holiday gifts. Many gadgets are hard to come by right now due to supply chain issues, and buying them later could mean they won’t arrive on time. This weekend we have a collection of deals on some of our favorite headphones, digital games, and even an electric scooter. If you’re running out of space on your devices, we also have discounts that can help.

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One of our favorite Escooters is on sale

Phantom of Apollo

Photography: Apollo

It’s an expensive electric scooter, even on sale, but the Apollo Ghost (8/10, WIRED recommends) is great for anyone who needs the power to climb steep hills. It has dual motors that let you easily fly over 30 miles per hour, the option of disc or hydraulic brakes, a spacious deck and plenty of lighting options to keep you visible. in darkness. It also folds up for easy storage. The only problems? The screens are a bit dark and it weighs 64 pounds.

Storage offers

Crucial X6

Photography: Crucial

We rounded up more storage-related deals earlier this week, including SD cards, USB drives, and SSDs. And if you need a new laptop, we have more deals here.

Of all the portable SSDs we’ve tested, the Crucial X6 is our favorite. It’s light and blazingly fast. If you need high speed data access for things like video editing, this is a great option. For less than $ 200, this is a real bargain.

If you want to make your computer faster, the best way to do it is to upgrade to an SSD. This 2 terabyte drive can be plugged directly into the PCIe NVMe Gen 3 slot on your motherboard. Once installed, it will dramatically increase the speed of load times of any apps or games you install on it.

For most people, a 16 terabyte external drive is too much. But if you’re a video editor, have a huge movie collection, or just haven’t deleted a file since 1996, this massive hard drive could be roomy enough for you. It has enough space to store project files, raw media files, and whatever else you can throw at it.

Video game offers

Photography: Nintendo

This week, Nintendo unveiled the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter, and it is none other than Sora, of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. This completes the larger list of Smash the story, which includes everyone from Banjo and Kazooie to Persona 5is Joker. If you’ve been waiting to jump into battle, now is the perfect time. It rarely goes on sale, but this deal is for the physical copy of the game.

Skyward sword is widely regarded as a top-tier Zelda game, but the mandatory motion controls it featured on the Wii U when it was first released were polarizing to say the least. If you were one of those people put off by that choice – or, more likely, if you skipped the Wii U entirely – then the Switch remake might be right for you. Fortunately, this time the motion controls are optional.

Stop fighting your Pokémon against each other and go on a relaxing photo cruise in this sequel to the classic Nintendo 64 game from 1999. Just like the first, this is a surprisingly engaging tour of beautiful scenery, where you use fruits, songs, and other tools to lure Pokemon into the perfect shot.

This third person shooter is fun and explosive. You explore alien worlds with other stranded settlers, and it’s so beautiful you’ll find yourself enjoying the view, until a giant creature attacks you.

An exceptional escape game worth playing with headphones, Infernal blade follows the story of a Norse warrior named Senua on her way to Helheim. It’s a deeply atmospheric game with unique gameplay that encourages the player to question their experience. PlayStation Plus subscribers can get an additional 5% off to bring the total down to $ 6.

Before game director Hideo Kojima went freelance to pursue his dreams of creating exciting parcel delivery and whale walking simulators, he made a name for himself on the Metal gear: solid franchise. The last part of this series, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is an open world stealth game. That is, if something Kojima does matches the gender definitions.

This classic, chaotic PlatinumGames hack-and-slash title has been around for years, but with the third game in the trilogy finally set to release in 2022, now is a good time to get into the series if you haven’t. not already done. You play as a shapeshifter witch who can summon demons with her hair, who has high-heeled pistols… you’ve already gone to buy it, haven’t you?

Various offers

Photography: Amazon

When your kids are old enough to start asking questions, you can pass some of them to Alexa. The Echo Dot Kids is not only a little cuter than other Echo Dots, it comes with a suite of parental controls that can help you make sure your child doesn’t stumble upon explicit songs or skip over too much time chatting with his bot. It fell to $ 30 on big sales, but it’s still one of the lowest prices for a few months.

Redeem code BUDS20 at checkout to see the full discount. OnePlus has made a name for itself as a company that offers high quality products at lower prices than the competition. This reputation for value has weakened in recent years, but it has managed to take out strong competitors like these OnePlus Buds Pro. They work best with OnePlus phones, but you can use them with any Bluetooth enabled phone or display.

It can be said that smart speakers are more useful when they have a touchscreen. In addition to setting timers, playing music, and controlling smart home gadgets, the screen lets you make video calls, watch Netflix, see the weather, and follow recipes from within. one device.

Make sure you choose unlocked, and if you don’t have a device to trade in, you can grab the A52 5G (7/10, WIRED recommends) for $ 100 off. That’s a solid price tag for a phone that offers decent performance, a 120Hz AMOLED display, 5G connectivity, IP67 water resistance, and a promise of three operating system upgrades and four years of service. security fixes.

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