Testimonial: Colorado GOP President led a fringe conspiracy group


Two FEC United group executives have testified under oath that Colorado GOP president Kristi Burton Brown served as group president in November 2020.

DENVER – Leaders of a far-right group with a militia arm have testified under oath that Kristi Burton Brown led the organization before becoming president of the Colorado Republican Party.

Burton Brown and the Colorado Republican Party did not respond to 9NEWS ‘questions about FEC United, an election-rigging conspiracy theory group, and its affiliated militia, the United American Defense Force.

The extent of Burton Brown’s involvement with FEC United was revealed by group founder Joe Oltmann and current chairman Stuart Butler in affidavits in September and August, respectively.

Oltmann and Butler were testifying in a lawsuit filed by an employee of Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems. Oltmann alleged, without evidence, that he overheard an Antifa conference call discussing election rigging with the Dominion employee.

Oltmann said Burton Brown was president of FEC United in November 2020 while he was vice president of the Colorado Republican Party and left FEC United to run for the state party president. She was elected head of the state party in March 2021.

Butler also said Burton Brown was president of the organization in November 2020 and said she was no longer affiliated with the group.

FEC United promoted former President Donald Trump’s false allegations of election rigging and expanded the claims to say Colorado Democratic Gov. Jared Polis is in office due to engineered election fraud. by Dominion.

The militia affiliated with the group, the United American Defense Force, has a declared mission to “defend and protect what is ours.”

The extent of Burton Brown’s ties to FEC United and the United American Defense Force was not clear until the release of the depositions, which were first reported by the Colorado Times Recorder.

At an FEC United recruiting event in October 2020, Burton Brown appeared via video. She mentioned her role in the leadership of the Colorado Republican Party, saying, “I help drive the growth of FEC United. “

Burton Brown described plans for a “Law & Policy Center” at FEC United, which she and Oltmann said could be used to prosecute teachers who disturb parents or sue journalists for unfavorable coverage. Burton Brown did not respond to questions on whether she has ever taken any action against anyone on behalf of FEC United.

Oltmann described Burton Brown’s work as “essentially the foundation of what we do as an organization”.

Burton Brown’s invitation to the public to join FEC United was followed by a pitch for the militia.

“They might outnumber us, but they won’t outdo us,” said organizer John “Tig” Tiegen to cheers from the crowd.

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