Six arrested in Hong Kong for retroactive involvement in “seditious publications”


Hong Kong police have arrested six current and former senior officials of an online media organization, authorities said Wednesday morning.

The six were arrested on charges of “conspiring to publish seditious publications,” the government added in a statement.

Hong Kong broadcaster TVB said the six are current or former employees of the pro-democracy news website News from the stand.

Press Agency AFP reported that News from the stand interim editor Patrick Lam was taken away in handcuffs.

Former editor-in-chief Chung Pui-kuen and four board members who resigned in June were among those arrested, according to local media.

Police raid office, houses

National Security Police were seen transporting boxes from the News from the stand office around noon on Wednesday, AFP reported.

Hong Kong police said in a press release that they had conducted a search of an “online media company”, deploying more than “200 uniformed and plainclothes police”.

The official police statement did not identify those arrested but said they were three men and three women, aged 34 to 73.

DW Correspondent Phoebe Kong said agents from the Hong Kong Police Department’s National Security Department raided the home of Hong Kong Journalists Association chairman Ronson Chan.

Chan, who is also an associate editor at News from the stand, said police confiscated his computer, cell phone, tablet, press pass and bank statements during the early morning raid.

He was taken for questioning but was later released, his organization said.

News from the stand has always done professional reporting, there’s no question about that, ”Chan told reporters. “Criminal charges will not change that fact.”

Police said in a statement they were carrying out a search with a warrant authorizing them “to search and seize relevant journalistic material.”

News from the stand posted a video on Facebook of police saying they had a warrant to investigate the “conspiracy to publish seditious posts.”

A “dangerous precedent”

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