Sacramento restaurant worker assaulted for missing ‘egg roll’


Employees in restaurants and other services have reported increased tensions and violent incidents since the start of the pandemic.

SACRAMENTO, Calif .– Diana Dich, 30, is a Chinese-American restaurant worker who was attacked Sunday after trying to help one of her repeat customers resolve a problem with an order. The man had complained that the restaurant did not include an order for egg rolls, Dich said.

Security video shows the man, now identified by the Sacramento Police Department as Anthony Brewer, 42, throwing a bag of food through the counter in Dich’s window. She says she went out to take a picture of her car, when the man turned on her and threw her on the street, leaving Dich with many scuffs, she said.

Brewer was arrested on Monday for felony assault, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

Dich’s parents own and operate Happy Takeout Chinese restaurant on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Sacramento. These are Chinese-American immigrants born in Vietnam who fled to the United States by boat as refugees after the Vietnam War. The family opened their restaurant in the Oak Park neighborhood five years ago.

Over the past year, there have been numerous reports of attacks against both Asian and Pacific Island American (AAPI) community members and service workers. She says she doesn’t know why the man has made the situation worse to the point where she has reached.

“Restaurants are easy targets for people to abuse because they assume that… you know they should be serving and that’s it,” Dich said.

Either way, violence is not acceptable, said Crystal Huyhn-Kim, organizer of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Coalition in Sacramento.

“Whatever the reason, it is not acceptable to attack anyone for any reason, especially a business owner in this aspect,” Huynh-Kim said. “I mean, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, especially the one that serves the community.”

She urges community members to report these incidents and make sure they do not fall under the radar.

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