Police are investigating whether Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens could be responsible for more crimes


Police are investigating whether Wayne Couzens could be responsible for other crimes, after it emerged his vehicles were linked to two earlier allegations of indecent assault.One of the allegations was just 72 hours before Couzens kidnapped, raped and killed Sarah Everard.Although he was not named a suspect in the south London incident, a DVLA check on a related car would have revealed him to be the registered owner.metropolitan police Assistant Commissioner Nick Ephgrave said the indecent exposure investigation was “ongoing” at the time Couzens killed Ms Everard.

He said the Met was referred to the police watchdog and a file was sent to the Crown Prosecution Service regarding the alleged crime itself.

Comments from the senior officer come after Couzens was sentenced to life behind bars Friday.

Deputy Commissioner Ephgrave also admitted that a check when Couzens was transferred to the Metropolitan Police in 2018 was not carried out “properly”.He did not report that a vehicle associated with Couzens was identified in a Kent Police investigation into indecent exposure in 2015.

Could the Met Police have done more to prevent Couzens’ actions? ITV News’s Rebecca Barry explores

But he said that even if it had been raised in the verification process, it would not have changed the outcome.The senior Met officer was questioned whether the two incidents provided enough information to identify Couzens as a threat to women before killing Ms Everard.

Meanwhile, Met Police boss Dame Cressida Dick said the murder of Sarah Everard had “shamed” police, admitting: “A precious form of trust has been damaged. “

Dame Cressida opens up about her horror of Couzens using her position of power to deceive Ms Everard

Dame Cressida was heckled by people calling for her resignation outside the Old Bailey on Thursday after Couzens was sentenced.She said: “This man has shamed the Met. Frankly speaking, as an organization we have been shaken up,” she said.“I absolutely know that there are those who feel that our confidence in us is shaken. I recognize that for some people a valuable form of trust has been damaged.

In a statement, Met police responded to the finding that Couzens falsely arrested Ms Everard in an attempt to kidnap her.

The organization said it was unusual for a single officer in plainclothes to engage with anyone, and that if that happened, the person who was arrested should ask the officer “research questions. “and look for” independent verification “.

In a statement, the force said: “Try to seek independent verification of what they are saying, if they have a radio ask to hear the operator’s voice, even ask to radio talk to the operator to say who you are and for them to verify that you are with a real officer, acting legitimately. “

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