Mo Brooks met with planners on January 6 before riot, Rolling Stone reports


According to Rolling Stone, two people who helped organize the Jan. 6 “Save America” ​​rally in Washington, DC, said they spoke with Representative Mo Brooks and other members of Congress to coordinate the event.

Anonymous sources identified by the outlet as a rally organizer and planner told congressional investigators members of Congress attended briefings prior to that day, when supporters of former President Donald Trump burst onto Capitol Hill as his electoral defeat against President Joe Biden was underway. approved.

Brooks spoke at the rally, while wearing a bulletproof vest, and was sued for allegedly helping to stoke tensions that day.

Brooks has previously said he did nothing wrong in speaking at the event and maintained that “massive voter fraud” occurred during the election. No electoral fraud was discovered, despite multiple prosecutions.

By January 6, according to the two sources, according to Rolling Stone, a plan was discussed with other organizers, Trump allies and members of Congress, to coordinate the rally in Washington and events in states across the country.

The plan called for a rally that would take place only at the Ellipse, where speakers – including the former president – would present “evidence” of election-related issues, Rolling Stone reported.

Media officials from Brooks’ Senate Re-Election Committee or his office in Congress did not respond to a request for comment from late Sunday evening.

This demonstration would take place in conjunction with objections raised by Trump allies during the House floor certification that day.

“It was in a variety of calls, some with (Arizona US Rep. Paul) Gosar and the Gosar team, some with Marjorie Taylor Greene and her team… Mo Brooks,” the organizer said, according to Rolling Stone. .

In January, rally organizer Ali Alexander named Brooks as the rally organizer in a video since deleted from Twitter. At the time, Brooks denied ever having spoken with Alexander.

Gosar (R-Arizona), representing Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), Greene (R-Georgia), representing Madison Cawthorn (RN.C.), representing Andy Biggs (R-Arizona) and representing Louie Gohmert (R-Texas ) was also named.

Brooks gave a speech at the main event, before rally fans began to storm the Capitol.

Spokesmen for Gosar, Boebert, Cawthorn, Biggs or Gohmert did not respond to requests for comment in the Rolling Stone article.

The two potential witnesses plan to present to the committee allegations about how the protests were funded and detail communications between the organizers and the White House, according to the report.

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