Local pickleball teams are growing in popularity


Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at the Boys and Girls Club of Fayetteville, you will find a group of pickleball players who come together to play the sport which is growing in popularity. It’s easy to play and doesn’t require a lot of gear, just comfortable shoes, a paddle, and a few balls and you’re good to go.

Pickleball organizer and coach Jeanie Hill discovered the sport last year while visiting friends out of state and when she returned to NWA she started playing in his driveway.

From the aisle to the Boys and Girls Club’s taped courts, Hill says sports are a great way to get exercise in a short time. An avid gamer, Ernestine Brown agrees that “it’s a sport that anyone can play at any age and at any level… you get a lot of good exercise out of it,” says Brown.

There is also a sense of community, newcomer to the sport Gek Tan started playing in October and she is a regular on the pitch. “It’s really fun to play,” says Tan. Hill says the teams are welcoming, “the group turns, you never know who will be here every time, so you always meet someone new.”

Don’t know how to play? Brown says there is no problem! “Neither of us is against helping someone new to learn the game… come and see what’s going on here, I think you will find it very refreshing for a group sport. “

There are several places to play pickleball in the NWA, but Hill and Brown both say they would like to see designated pickleball courts in the town of Fayetteville. “We all love this sport and would love to see it grow to a level where we have a designated center for pickleball,” says Brown.

Check out the Boys and Girls Club pickleball schedule here.

Watch the video above as Facilities and Maintenance Manager Jacob Rawlings teaches the basics of the game of pickleball.

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