Indore Instagram influencer dances at traffic lights, viral video gives her problems


An Instagram influencer from Madhya Pradesh has been convicted by police for dancing in public at a busy intersection in Indore.

Popular model Shreya Kalra was recently seen dancing to Doja Cat’s viral song ‘Women’ at a zebra crossing at Rasoma Square. An Instagram reel showed Kalra was crossing the road as cars stopped when the traffic light turned red. She then began to dance in front of people, both amused and confused.

As the clip went viral, Kalra drew criticism for stopping traffic and dancing in the streets.

However, she clarified that the 30-second video was filmed during a red light and that she did not intend to break any traffic rules. In an updated caption to the video, she wrote: “Please don’t break the rules – the red sign means you have to stop at the signal not because I’m dancing and wearing your shoes. masks guys. “

Despite his clarification, Madhya Pradesh Home Secretary Narottam Mishra, who is also the Guardian Minister of Indore, ordered authorities to take action against Kalra.

During his morning press briefing, Mishra said, “I have asked officials to take action according to the model rules for flash mobs at traffic lights. The spirit of flash mobs may be anything, but the method is wrong.

The minister also said he would issue an order to take action against her under motor vehicle laws, to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.

Meanwhile, Umakant Chaudhary, DSP Traffic, Indore said police took notice of the video. He called on the public to respect the rules and refrain from engaging in such activities for entertainment.

He also released a statement urging young people not to risk their lives to get more likes on social media. He said he understood the purpose of the videos, but urged young people to film in safe places, such as a mall or a park.

DSP Chaudhary said police are investigating the case and are also investigating the role of the cameraman. He assured that strict measures would be taken once the investigations are completed.

Tahjib Kazi, TI Vijay Nagar, informed that a case has been registered under Article 290 of Indian Penal Code for public nuisance.

– With contributions from Iram Siddique

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