In memory of the journalists who died in 2021


The year 2021 has been a difficult year for the media fraternity following the unprecedented circumstances and uncertainties arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. The media in Kenya, like any other industry, has been hit hard by the disappearance of some high-ranking and exceptional figures.

As we end the year, honors the fallen heroes of the Fourth Estate who died in 2021.

  1. Gladys Erude

The late KBC presenter Gladys Adisia Erude.

Daily nation

In early August, the country woke up to the tragic news of the death of a veteran KBC journalist, Gladys Erude. She died at the age of 70 while receiving treatment in Nairobi after a long battle with cancer.

Erude has been celebrated for her unwavering career in media since she joined the station in 1976.

She has been a presenter for both Idhaa ya Taifa and KBC TV channel. After her retirement in 2001, she ventured into the business world until 2008 before moving to the United States where some of her grandchildren are based.

She is survived by six children, four of whom live in the United States of America.

  1. Badi muhsin
Veteran news anchor Badi Muhsin sitting in the refurbished KBC studio

Veteran news anchor Badi Muhsin seated in the refurbished KBC studio.


Just months after resuming his flagship role as a news anchor on the country’s oldest television station, the famous journalist passed away on Friday October 8, 2021. The Swahili maestro passed away at his home in Mombasa.

the the veteran anchor had just had lunch when he started complaining that he felt good. Family members told reporters he went for a nap but never woke up. About a year earlier, he had undergone surgery to remove kidney stones.

Muhsin worked for the national broadcaster under the late President Daniel Moi from 1980 and retired in 2002. He made a return to the station in 2021.

  1. Robin njogu
RMS Head of News-Radio Robin Njogu on a previous trip to the United States

RMS Head of News-Radio Robin Njogu on a previous trip to the United States

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In March, Royal Media Services LTD’s editor-in-chief in charge of radio, Robin Njogu, has died after contracting the Covid-19 virus. He died at the Aga Khan Hospital where he was being treated, two days after his mother’s death.

The renowned journalist, who holds a Diploma in Development Communication from the University of Nairobi and a Diploma in Mass Communication from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, has been practicing journalism for more than a decade.

His death was a blow to the profession with various leaders including President Uhuru Kenyatta mourning the scribe as a progressive journalist whose contribution to radio and online journalism had significantly helped transform the media and media industry. country communication.

  1. Kate mitchell

Kate Mitchell, a manager who was attached to BBC in Ethiopia, was found dead in a hotel room in Nairobi in November 2021.

Preliminary investigations into the mysterious murder by Kenya police, however, indicated that the suspect in the murder case jumped to death from the hotel room Mitchell had reserved. The suspect was, at the time, about to celebrate his union through holy marriage in December 2021.

What intrigued the detectives was that the prime suspect had booked a room with his fiancee on the seventh floor of the same building. His fiancee continued to wait as he told her he headed briefly for the bar. She waited for her boyfriend all night, but he didn’t show up.

While she waited for him, the suspect was reportedly engaged in a confrontation with the BBC project manager in another room on the upper floor of the hotel. The suspect allegedly jumped out of the hotel after the confrontation, dying instantly.

the BBC The project manager was later found dead in her bedroom.

  1. Betty Mutekhele Barasa
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation journalist and video editor Betty Mutekhele

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation journalist and video editor Betty Mutekhele

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Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) journalist and video editor, Betty Mutekhele, was beaten down by suspected thieves at his residence in Ngong, Kajiado County.

A police report said she was shot at close range after three armed thieves ambushed her as she entered her home, entering the main house before ordering the children to lie down then that they were asking for money.

Later investigations showed that the brutal murder was premeditated while the the attackers chose her among six other people present in the house including a friend. She died of a bullet to the head according to the autopsy report.

  1. Gatonye Gathura

Veteran journalist Gatonye Gathura was also found dead in late November, days after apparently receiving crucial documents. His body was found in the morgue of the Naivasha Sub-County Referral Hospital a month after his disappearance.

Preliminary investigations carried out by detectives from the Criminal Investigations Directorate (DCI) indicate that he was in possession of land documents for a deposition with the press house.

The exhibit, according to reports, shed light on a land dispute in the Ewaso Kedong area, on the border of Narok and Nakuru counties.

  1. Hillary Ngw’eno

Veteran journalist Hillary Ng’weno died in July at the age of 83 after a long illness. During his lifetime, Ng’weno had accomplished remarkable achievements, including being the first Kenyan to attend Harvard University in 1957.

Upon his return home, he became the country’s youngest editor to Nation before leaving to start his own publication. During his career he became a distinguished journalist, editor, publisher, broadcaster and documentary maker.

  1. Philippe Ochieng

Longtime Nation columnist and veteran editor Philip Ochieng died in April 2021 at the age of 82. He died while receiving treatment for pneumonia at the Ombo mission hospital in Migori.

The columnist had worked as editor in chief in the two main dailies of the country, Daily nation and The standard. He was also picky about grammar and managed long columns in the Daily nation.

Former editor of the Daily Nation Philip Ochieng

Former editor of the Daily Nation, Philip Ochieng.

The standard

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