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Beautiful Sikh Khatri 36 / 5′-5 “, Citizen Registered Nurse in London, lump sum £ 39,000. Divorced, no problem. Boy should be near London area. [email protected]

British parents Khatri Hindu Punjabi are looking for a partner for their UK born pharmacist daughter 81.5′-3 “divorced, no problem, prefer UK resident / vegetarian NRI thin and fair complexion purshommatri9 @

The affluent Jat Sikh family from USA are looking for a well educated partner for their USA born daughter, born 1989, 5′-5 “, slim, fair and beautiful. She has done an MBA and is a female of very successful business. Please contact us at [email protected]

Looking for a professionally qualified person for an Australian, currently visiting India, never married to Hindu Khatri 49, 5′-3 “, slim, fair and attractive girl. The girl is a graduate and works in a government organization. The person should be ready to relocate to Australia. Marriage agencies please excuse. Contact [email protected]

Jatt Sikh, born in USA, lawyer, working in a law firm, 1986, 5′-10 “, beautiful, fair, slim, from a well-established family looking for an educated Sikh boy based in the United States (doctor / lawyer / MBA) [email protected]

Well educated working professional required for well educated Brahmin girl, 5′-6 “, engineer, b.1992, working in IT MNC company Contact: 97805-33775.

Qualified professional match for beautiful Rajput girl, 5′-2 “, July 10, 1994, 10:25 p.m., Chd.MBA, Working MNC, Mohali. Established family, Mohali. Contact: 98142-44642.

Need a well-established groom based in the United States for a handsome 28 year old American citizen, 5 ‘4 “, educated by an American high school. 559-217-5015.

Vancouver-based match for the daughter of an Army officer, 27, 5′-8 ”, PR, senior federal government employee. [email protected] 7032701600.

NRI match suitable for the very beautiful 1993 Jat Sikh Dhaliwal, 5ft, M.Com US girl, Canada preferred. 94163-67245, 89011-90538.

Suitable match for Ramdasia beautiful daughter, 5′-6 “, born 1987, MBA (Agri Business Management) from PAU, Ludhiana. JMG Scale-1 Officer at Canera Bank. Contact: 96953-83744, 94649-54344. Email: krmann61965 @

Match for a thin girl, never married, Himachal Saraswati Brahmin, October 1981, 5′-3 “, B.Tech., Working in MNC, nice package, suitable match. WhatsApp bio data with kundli 99166-39906.

PQM4 Mair Rajput 85/5 ‘/ MS. Visa H1B United States, RP Canada. Boy working in the United States / Canada preferably. Email: [email protected] 9915949434.

Well set match for a highly qualified dietitian, 23.6.88, 2:00 p.m. Patiala, 5′-3 “. Officer’s family. Kundli must. Caste no bar. Phone: 98784-01740, 98729-71740. Email: manjitarcs81 @ gmail .com

Appropriate correspondence for Garg’s daughter, 30.4.90, 13:30, Ludhiana, 5′-4 “, B.Tech. (Computer), MNC, package 25+. Contact: 78883-70294

SM4 Arora girl 29, 5′-5 “, beautiful, intelligent and caring March, Germany installed a working girl. 98723-83401.

PQM for decent educated Canadian citizen Khatri girl 5′-5 “, 27.9.92, Chandigarh, 11:55, qualified diploma in accounting, doing construction business in BC Preferred equally qualified vegetarian boy. Upper caste no bar Boy interested in relocating to BC will be [email protected] 6045061439 WhatsApp.

Rajput Girl, September 20, 1992, 10:40 p.m., 5′-3 ‘, B.Tech, CSE, Govt. service (on the basis of a contract), Preferred Tricity. Mobile: 95010-20885.

Suitable match for Hindu Rajput Fair, beautiful girl, Jan 10, 1991, 11:30 pm, 5′-6 “, working as a teacher in Mohali, Gotra: Vats. The family moved to Chandigarh. Contact: 98550-66337.

Suitable Match of Aggarwal Doctor / Engineer Wishing to Settle / Settle in USA for 27.5′-3 “, MBBS, Smart, Fair and Beautiful USA Green Card Holder Girl Owned a renowned family of doctors Garg. 98144-06789.

Valmiki / Majhbi girl 28, 5′-4 “. BDS. Looking for Canadian PR boy. Office excuse. Contact: 7009348074, 9815398984.

Beautiful Jat Sikh Girl, Doctor 31,160, US Citizen, MD, Doing Fellowship CC in USA. WhatsApp +14434679933.

Match from USA, Canada for a beautiful Canadian citizen, IT professional, MS (IT), 5′-4 ”, 30 years old, working as Senior Manager in a leading company in Toronto. [email protected]

Professionally qualified match for Canadian public relations, Khatri Sikh September 1985, 5′-4 “, M.Tech., Intelligent, intelligent and warm daughter. Father retired bank manager, brother Canadian citizen. Family settled in Canada. Based in Ontario Khatri / Arora Sikh to reply. Close shaved as well welcome. Send full bio-data and snapshots to: [email protected]

Match Jatt Sikh for the beautiful daughter of medical doctor Jatt Sikh, 1989, 5′-5 “.

Ramgarhia Punjabi, Radhasoami Vegetarian, 1989 / 5′-4 “, M.Sc. (Forensic Sciences). Govt. Job (Contract). Upper Caste Welcome. 97794-57663, 81466-06164.

Qualifying match for Saini Sikh girl, 1993, 5′-3 ”, Double MBA India / France, working in France. Preferred America Canada Europe only. 9780046157.

Match for Mohali-based Ramgarhia Sikh girl, 1989, 5′-2 “, M.Sc. (Biotech). Working as video editor. Preferred NRI. Apology from marriage office. Welcome to the upper caste. 98721-66670.

Appropriate correspondence for Ramgarhia’s daughter 5′-4 “, July 90, M.Sc. Physics topper PU, Ph.D. Physics from France, working in France has great prospects. WhatsApp 94171-41379.

Jat Sikh single girl 1982 / 5′-4 “, Double MA, B.Ed., looking for NRI or Govt. Job boy. 95178-44444.

NRI Brahmin girl 1989, 5′-5 “, B.Tech Civil engineer working, divorce. Single / divorced, only Australian citizens PR / Brahmin citizens, abstinent can contact with photo, biographical data 006-14222-50899.

Appropriate match for Divorced Brahmin Girl, 1987 / 5′-5 “, Graduate, Previously Business Owner. Details Whatsapp 99157-41107.

Educated match suitable for US citizen beautiful slim Sikh girl Tonk- Kashtriya 1990, born in Phagwara, 5′-4 “. Well settled family since 1993. Send biodata photo by e-mail: [email protected], mobile: 70421 -00935, + 173258-99614.

Suitable correspondence for Jat Sikh, 1993, 5′-5 “, B.Tech, MBA, working in MNC, based in Mohali. WhatsApp / Call: 94642-10617.

Doctor / Engineer wanted / NRI single / divorced (no problem) under 37 for Prajapati Hindu Fair 5′-1 “/ 1987, divorced (short marriage) BDS girl, parents retired officer, upper caste welcome. 9417859277, 9417658577.

Match for the girl Ravidasia born in 1993, 5′-5 “, Govt. Assistant professor at Panchkula (permanent and official agent) Group A or B in or near Tricity can contact: 99145-04385.

SM4 Sikh Saini girl 87 born, 5′-5 “, slim and fair, M.Sc in Electronic Engineering, working in Dublin, Ireland. WhatsApp: 78888-50764.

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