Google Photos deploys Material You with Dynamic Color


Outside of the Workspace apps, Google Camera, Clock, Contacts, and Phone have already been updated with the company’s new design language. Google Photos is the latest app to get Material You, although it’s a work in progress.

Update 1/10: Dynamic Color is now widely available in Google Photos. It appeared for some users earlier this week, but it was far from a full rollout. Various icons and buttons now adopt DC, while it’s more visible on the large bottom bar, search box, and Library tab.

This step-by-step process of first seeing Material You, then Dynamic Color, has also been seen with Google Phone and Messages. You may need to force stop Google Photos from app information before it displays correctly and make sure you are running the latest version of the app.

09/15 original: The most important change is the higher lower bar which allows a pill-shaped selection indicator. This particular highlight – and others – are blue, with Google Photos not yet using Dynamic Color. This is similar to the current Google Phone Material which you are revamping, but will likely change in the future for Pixel owners.

Elsewhere, the app bar is now flat and blends into the background, while the buttons for “Favorites,” “Utilities,” “Archives,” and “Trash” in the Library tab lose their outline for a raised and filled appearance. This change also applies to album covers which now feature more rounded corners.

This increased curvature also applies to the tool carousel in the image / video editor. Finally, in “Search”, the top field is now pill-shaped.

Version 5.59 is being deployed via the Play Store with the Google Photos material that you redraw. The update is not yet widely available. This new look joins the charming “Your Memories” home screen widget introduced in August for all versions of Android.

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