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Title: Best Video Converter & Editor Black Friday Offer – Get Mystery Freebies from VideoProc

In the early days of smartphones, photos were all the rage. Partly because social media sites were in their infancy and partly because capturing good quality videos was expensive. In addition, you also needed to have ultra-high-end hardware to encode and handle all the footage. Even today, access to hardware remains the limiting factor in the adoption of 4K at scale.

VideoProc converter aims to make the management, editing and encoding of 4K videos accessible to everyone. Let’s see how.

Black Friday contest and special offer

The original price of VideoProc Converter is $ 78.90, now for all MakeUseOf users you can get VideoProc Converter for free, for macOS and Windows, and try all the features for yourself. Note: This is full version limited in time and does not support free update.

If you want to enjoy more features in the future version and free upgrade, technical support, then this is the opportunity to grab the lifetime version. It’s Black Friday, the developer has prepared a special discount with the lowest price.


60% off, get the lifetime version of VideoProc Converter now

Mystery giveaways, such as an iPad and fully licensed software, will be offered during the Black Friday promotion. Good luck!

Easily edit 4K videos without high-end hardware

Editing 4K videos is incredibly taxing on your PC hardware. It consumes a lot of CPU and memory resources. As a result, your PC, if it doesn’t have high-end specs, will feel sluggish. VideoProc Converter uses enhanced level 3 hardware acceleration to make sure that no matter what kind of hardware you use, your 4K editing experience is always fast.

Cut and resize videos with minimal effort

VideoProc Converter Home Screen

Cutting and resizing video in VideoProc Converter is as easy as opening the video in VideoProc Converter and pressing Cut. This will open an edit panel showing the original and preview side by side. Here you can trim the video and see the results instantly in the preview window before committing the changes.

Cutting function of VideoProc Converter

Resizing is just as easy. All you have to do is press Crop and enter your settings. After configuring the settings, check the preview. Finally, click on Ended if you are happy with the changes.

Compress large 4K videos without losing quality

High resolution videos take up a lot of space on a hard drive. For example, a few minutes of 4K video can amount to hundreds of MB. VideoProc Converter offers standard compression, allowing you to reduce the size of your video capture without sacrificing quality.

Convert videos to and from multiple formats

VideoProc Converter supports many video and audio formats. For example, you can convert a video file, be it MP4 or MKV, to H.265 or HEVC. Likewise, you can convert video files to a multitude of popular audio formats such as MP3 and FLAC.

VideoProc Converter converts to various formats

Just select the video / audio format and hit run.

Merge multiple videos with one click

One of the remarkable features of VideoProc Converter is the tool’s ability to merge multiple videos into one file with just one click.

VideoProc Converter merge function

Eliminate jarring, noise and repair the fisheye without any problem

VideoProc Converter is one of the best video editing apps out there because of the extra features it offers besides the great basic functionality. Features like shake and noise removal enhance your videos by removing shake and cleaning up noise. Likewise, fisheye correction removes the distortion that causes the fisheye effect in wide-angle shots.

VideoProc Converter is a pleasure to use

VideoProc Converter is one of the simplest video editors we have ever used. It’s fast, full of useful features, and gets the job done without the extra hassle. And now you can get it 60% off lifetime subscription.

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