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Life gives out awards in recognition of the best, the worst and all in everything LGBTI related in 2021


Have we been nice enough this year? There are three days until Christmas and the one thing the Thai LGBTI community wants is still not in sight. Once again, and as one would expect, the prospect of marriage equality looks bleak. A dream still out of reach. A wishful thinking that has been trampled on time and time again. The Thai Constitutional Court has ruled that the current marriage law for heterosexual couples is not unconstitutional. As if the ‘no’ answer on its own wasn’t enough, the full verdict on that decision was then posted online and its contents were shocking (see Jurassic Men below). More than 270,000 people have now signed up to the recent online campaign to support changing the marriage law at

The number may seem like a lot, but it remains to be seen whether that sentiment can reverse the trend set by the court. Well, if only the campaign could generate the same level of enthusiasm from the general public that it did when companies splashed their rainbow products during Pride Month. True allies are determined when needed, and we haven’t really seen so many people on the move.


Who else besides our Thai LGBTI activists? “Activist” is used here as an umbrella term for everyone, from young protesters to veteran gender equality advocates, who tirelessly fight for the country’s evolution towards a more equal society. It is not an honor for any particular person or organization. Rather, it is recognition of a collective lawsuit that has persisted through another difficult year. From offices to parliament and on the streets, activists have come to demand the justice and equal rights people deserve. What do they get in return? Twenty activists involved in the November 28 demonstration to demand marriage equality at the Ratchaprasong intersection were summoned for questioning by the authorities. Police claimed the protest was against government restrictions on Covid-19. Well, it’s nothing new that they are using the pandemic as an excuse to suppress free speech and the right to protest peacefully, and what a low blow it was.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe Eternals is not the best movie there is. But, in terms of impact and reach, it’s hard to beat his surprising inclusion of a gay superhero. It can be considered a triumph to see a gay superhero like Phastos (played by Brian Tyree Henry), her husband and son in one of the highest grossing movies of 2021. Oh, and did we mention a kiss ? It’s really satisfying to see Disney / Marvel not tiptoe around this portrayal of an LGBTI family. The studio also chose not to remove any scenes despite the difficulties of showing the film in conservative countries. We hope to see them continue to take this position in future projects.


This year we’ve been fortunate to have a really good selection of queer stuff on TV. But the one who reached the top is none other than Sex education, who continues her winning streak by portraying the lives of horny teenage girls in the show’s third season. Non-binary representation. Fight toxic masculinity. Nigerian underground gay scene. sex education 3 manages to be both funny and heartfelt as students revolt against an oppressive regime led by a new principal. The heterosexual relationship on the show may get stale, but homosexuality undeniably saves the day.

Also, we cannot but talk about the phenomenon of drag ball culture Pose, which brought down the curtain after three seasons. Created by Ryan Murphy and co, the show tells the critically acclaimed story of New York’s African-American and Latino LGBTI communities in the 80s and 90s. Pose is a show like no other and we’re going to miss seeing all of the characters on our screen.


Being a TERF (Trans-Exclusionist Radical Feminist) is not cool. You can ask JK Rowling that, or maybe the cast members of his own Harry Potter creation. The year 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest film franchises in history. On this occasion, the actors and the team of eight films will meet in the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts special event that airs on HBO GO on January 1. However, the real surprise is that Rowling won’t be in it. This TV special is not the only one to try to distance itself from the author and his anti-trans position. Last week, American Quidditch and Major League Quidditch – an actual sport inspired by the magical sport of books and movies – announced that they plan to change the name of the branded sport for potential growth and success. dissociate from Rowling. Their statement says the sport is among the most progressive in the world when it comes to gender equality and inclusiveness, and aims to live up to that reputation.


Pole dancing straight to hell and give the devil a lap dance, who else could deserve the title of Super Performer but Lil Nas X? The artist is on fire this year, especially with the release of Montero (Call me by your name) music video in March, which got social media excited and pissed off conservative Christians. The video now has over 400 million views on YouTube. In September, LGBTI suicide prevention organization The Trevor Project honored Lil Nas X with its first Suicide Prevention Lawyer of the Year award. His accomplishments are piling up and he shows no signs of slowing down.

A notable mention is also Gottmik, a competitor on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 who became the first openly transgender man to appear on the show. From delivering stunning looks to the much-needed transman portrayal onscreen display, Gottmik killed it week after week before finishing among the finalists.


Say hello to the judges of the Constitutional Court. Anyone who has read the recently released full verdict on the Constitutional Court’s same-sex marriage ruling can agree on one thing. These documents are nothing more than outdated homophobic views of expiring cisgender heterosexual men who unfortunately have the power to decide the fate and future of so many LGBTI people.

The infuriating verdict basically says that people keep cattle whose duty it is to procreate. What else? He says LGBTI couples are not able to form the same kind of bond as normal and natural families. Worse, it also indicates that LGBTI people will marry to benefit from social assistance and tax deductions normally reserved for heterosexual couples. Kudos to anyone who can read these 12 pages of documents without feeling the need to strangle someone. The country certainly has a long way to go before narrow-minded people like them disappear.

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