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John McTernan, who was Tony Blair’s director of political operations, joined Nigel Farage on GB News and spoke about how Boris Johnson has stayed out of telling people how to live their lives. The conversation quickly turned to race issues with Mr McTernan slamming those who kneel at football games and saying it was not a protest to boo them but it was racist. But Mr Farage took issue with Mr McTernan’s support for taking the knee and his connection to Black Lives Matter as the pair went back and forth during a tense debate over the group.

Speaking on GB News, Mr McTernan joined Mr Farage on his late night show where they were discussing racism in the UK.

Mr McTernan has debated kneeling at football matches and slammed those who booed the gesture, saying it was “to say the least rude and racist at most”.

Mr Farage quickly echoed what Mr McTernan said, saying taking the knee was rude as it was “so connected to this Marxist organization Black Lives Matter”.

The former union adviser was not impressed with Mr Farage’s description of the group and revealed he broke lockdown rules to attend one of their protests.

Mr Farage claimed the group wanted to overthrow Western capitalism and fund the police and referred to the fact that Mr McTernan’s former boss Tony Blair called the police slogan defining the most damaging political slogan from the left.

Mr McTernan simply said the group campaigned for the black community and said Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick was the best argument to challenge the police when officers were sent to vigil Sarah Everard.

Mr McTernan added that the police were “not immune to criticism” with Mr Farage saying he believed Black Lives Matter was not about creating a just society.

Labor closed the gap with the Tories in the polls following the recent sleazy scandals that engulfed the Tories.

At worst, Labor was 11 points behind the Tories in May, with 43% supporting the Tories and 32% supporting Labor.

Now, according to Politico, the poll of the Conservatives at 38% and Labor at 35%.

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