Complaints filed after reporter attacked at anti-mask event near Traverse City


TOWNSHIP OF GARFIELD, Michigan. –A prosecutor has filed criminal complaints against two men in northern Michigan in connection with an attack on a reporter covering a meeting of a group opposing masks and vaccination warrants.

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Court records show assault or assault and battery claims have been authorized against Michael Adams, 55, of Kingsley, and Joseph Welsh, 51, of Traverse City, the Traverse City Record reported on Saturday. -Eagle.

The charges were authorized Friday by Grand Traverse County District Attorney Noelle Moeggenberg.

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Record-Eagle educational reporter Brendan Quealy said he was punched in the face on August 26 while covering an anti-mask event at a public recreation area just outside Traverse City , in Garfield Township. Quealy said an event organizer pointed the finger at him and told him to leave.

Citizens Liberating Michigan organizer Heather Cerone can be heard on an audio recording challenging the journalist’s presence and asking attendees to stand in front of him, according to the newspaper.

Quealy told investigators he was attacked when he refused to leave.

“In this case, I had more than one witness who spoke about what happened and obviously we have the video and the audio,” Moeggenberg said.

“The problem is, people are so passionate about their feelings about Covid and the masks and warrants, that it leads to violence in some cases,” Moeggenberg added. “By loading this case, it speaks for itself. “

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The newspaper reports that Cerone did not respond to calls for comment.

The Associated Press could not find Saturday phone numbers for Adams or Welsh. AP also left messages seeking comment from a lawyer listed as representing Adams.

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