Calls for the resignation of Ashanti regional minister intensify


Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei-Mensah

Ashanti regional minister Simon Osei-Mensah has been asked to resign following what is described as an error in judgment that resulted in the deaths of some Ejura youths in the region.

The national youth organizer of the National People’s Convention (PNC), Mark Arkoh called the regional minister incompetent and accused him of the deaths of these young people, while asking him to step down. “We demand the immediate resignation of the minister. He is incompetent for the job.

He believes the minister is also not transparent about the questions asked by the commission of inquiry set up to investigate the shooting and postulates that he could cover up real incidents that led to the killings.

If the investigation into the Ejura incident is not carried out properly, he said, the country could soon experience a similar situation “and we may not be able to do anything about it”. Some of us were happy when the commission of inquiry was set up, but the events of the proceedings make us think otherwise.

He added that the questions posed by the commission of inquiry “are not deep enough to uncover the truth behind the murders. We are talking about human lives that have been lost here due to an unjustified operation sanctioned by the minister, but he is blessed by the investigation.

Ebenezer Tetteh, deputy national youth organizer in charge of the People’s Convention Party (CPP) operations, added: “Regional minister Ashanti has reportedly resigned in any serious country already, but he is still in office because of corruption and that’s sad. What happened in Ejura was in poor shape and needs to be addressed immediately.

Speaking to Samuel Eshun on Happy Morning, Ebenezer also called for the dismissal of all military officials dispatched to the scene. “It will be difficult for them to abandon those who fired live ammunition in the crowd. These people must be terminated immediately.


Following the mob attack and the murder of social activist Anyas Ibrahim Mohammed, also known as Kaaka, some young people in Ejura protested to seek justice for his death, but clashed with security personnel in Ejura in the Ashanti region.

This left two dead and four injured.

In order to uncover the circumstances of the shooting, the President of the Republic ordered the Minister of the Interior to set up a three-member commission to investigate the case.

The committee began meeting on Tuesday, July 6, 2021.

Ashanti region minister Simon Osei-Mensah became the first person to be questioned by the three-member ministerial committee.

He admitted to ordering the military to go to Ejura, but said he did not know the outcome would be as severe as seen.

According to him, his order followed a message he had received informing him that the young Ejura intended to burn down certain security installations including a police station and cause destruction.

He also presented video evidence of the youth throwing stones at the police.

He declined to name the source of the video, however, even after the committee repeatedly asked to present the source in order to verify the authenticity of the video, insisting he did not want to compromise the safety of his. source.

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