AOC says party “encourages” Republican who posted video of sword attack on her | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Republican leaders of “encouraging” a congressman who tweeted video showing him hitting her with a sword – and said the incident showed how U.S. institutions failed to protect women of color.

The New York Democrat MP also said the Republican who tweeted the spoofed animated video on Sunday, Arizona’s Paul Gosar, was “just a collection of wet toothpicks anyway” and “couldn’t open a jar of pickles or read a whole book by himself ”.

Twitter attached a hateful conduct warning to Gosar’s tweet, which also showed the congressman wielding the sword appearing to threaten Joe Biden and was also posted on Instagram.

“This tweet violated Twitter’s rules regarding hateful behavior,” the Twitter post said. “However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public interest for the tweet to remain accessible.”

The approximately 90-second video is an edited version of a Japanese animated series, interspersed with shots of border patrol officers and migrants on the US border with Mexico.

In one section, characters whose faces are replaced by those of Gosar and fellow extremist Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Lauren Boebert of Colorado are seen fighting other characters.

Gosar’s character hits another, made to look like Ocasio-Cortez, in the neck with a sword.

On Twitter, Ocasio-Cortez wrote: “A creepy member I work with who raises money for neo-Nazi groups has shared a fantastic video of him killing me and he won’t suffer any consequences because [House minority leader Kevin McCarthy] encourages him with an apology. Monday fun!

“Well, go back to work because the institutions don’t protect women of color. “

Ocasio-Cortez also listed other instances of threatening behavior by Republicans in Congress.

“Remember when [Ted] Yoho approached me at the Capitol [steps] and called me af[uck]b[itch]. Remember when Greene ran after me a few months ago screaming and reaching out. Remember when she first stalked my office with insurgents and people locked inside.

“Everything at my job and nothing ever happens. Anyway, back to business.

The MP returned to the subject, however, to call Gosar “just a collection of wet toothpicks anyway.”

“White supremacy,” she said, “is for extremely fragile people and sad men like him, whose self-concept rests on the myth that he was born superior because deep down he knows that he is. ‘he couldn’t open a jar of pickles or read an entire book on his own. “

Gosar is a staunch Trump ally who in 2018 was the subject of a campaign ad by six of his siblings, urging voters to drop him.

He is also among lawmakers whose telephone or computer records are sought by the House committee investigating the deadly attack on Congress on January 6, in which Trump supporters sought to overturn the electoral defeat of the ‘former president.

Monday, Eric Swalwell, a Democrat from California in the House, noted: “These bloodthirsty losers are more comfortable with violence than with voting. Continue to expose them.

Yale historian Joanne Freeman, author of The Field of Blood, a well-regarded history of congressional violence before the Civil War, wrote: “Threats of violence lead to real violence. They clear the land. They are shaking up the opposition. They plant the idea. They normalize it. They encourage him. They mutilate democracy. And run the risk of killing him.

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